UUC Endowment Foundation elects new President

Bill Norsworthy was elected president of the UUC Endowment Foundation on May 17, 2023. For more information on Endowment Foundation officers and members, please click on the Foundation Members tab.


New video!

UUC Endowment Foundation President Bob Buesing presents the 2022 grant to UUC Board President Margie Manning at the Dec. 18, 2022 Worship Service.

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So we can realize current dreams— and grow bigger dreams for the future.


Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater has created three ways to make a meaningful legacy donation to UUC.

The first is to make an UNRESTRICTED DONATION TO UUC.  These donations will be managed by the congregation’s Board of Trustees and generally applied to the immediate needs of UUC ranging from current operations to building improvements and maintenance needs.  The Board is charged with applying unrestricted donated funds to UUC’s needs as determined in the budgeting process. 

The second is to make a RESTRICTED DONATION TO UUC.  When a donor leaves a legacy donation it can be restricted to a particular use, for a capital project and/or building and property maintenance.  The Board of Trustees is obligated to protect the restricted money in a separately noted fund to be withdrawn only in accordance with the donor’s restriction.  Restricted donations are released as triggered by the restriction sometimes over multiple fiscal years.

The third is to donate to the UUC ENDOWMENT FOUNDATION to create annual permanent support for UUC’s operations.  The Endowment Foundation is entrusted to carefully manage the principal in an endowment fund and then donate 4.25 percent of the endowment fund annually to UUC for its ongoing operations.  That percentage was carefully selected based on past investment returns and to allow the principal to grow with inflation.This type of donation appeals to those who prefer to provide ongoing annual support to UUC that will help sustain and stabilize the organization long into the future.

All three methods help UUC improve its ministry and its impact.  But by having three different methods, donors can choose the method or methods that most closely reflect their personal style and preferences.  The only wrong choice is to fail to donate! By creating these three methods, UUC makes it as easy as possible for donors to find the method that works best for them.

The Tax ID number for Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater Endowment Foundation Inc. is 59-2085249

For more information contact Bill Norsworthy, Endowment Foundation President, at bnorsworthy@verizon.net