Legacy gifts

The following persons and organizations have made legacy donations to the Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater Endowment Foundation Inc. We are grateful for their generosity.

Jerry Baker

Robert Barnett

Anna Bartruff

Mildred Benner

Herb and Ruth Blume

Mark and Barbara Brandt

Dick Brooks

Charlene Carnes

Linda Carroll

Fred and Nancy Chase

John Chase

Wally Dyar

Vivian Edie

First United Ethanol

Mary Flanagan

Betty Hunter Franklin

Jack Franklin

Charles Fraser

Jinene Harvey

Susan Hegner

Stewart Johnson

Earl A. Kendall

Paul and Deborah Langrock

Virginia Lieberman

Anthony and Martine Marzulli

Pat McGivern

Jim Pearson

Edie Peterman

H. and K. Rathman

Jim Stephenson

Roberta Watson

Bob and Evelyn Winchester

Gail Winner

Sol and Jackie Winner

Sol Winner

Edna and Al Ziel

Learn how you can make a legacy gift so your values can make a difference.